Moving to Ecuador

Many people are moving to Ecuador. But life in Ecuador isn't for everyone. Read the following pages to see if Ecuador is a right fit for your family.

Once you're sold on Ecuador, check out the remaining information to plan your trip.

Guaranda EcuadorGringo (my dad) in Guaranda, Ecuador

Why People are Moving to Ecuador?

Is Ecuador right for you? Check out the many reasons people are choosing Ecuador. 

  • Why Move to Ecuador: There are lots of different things that draw people to this tiny South American country.
  • Negatives: Ecuador is amazing, but it isn't perfect for everyone. Consider some things that may be too much for some people to handle.
  • Retire in Ecuador: Many people are living off their pension in Ecuador. Is it really feasible?
  • Cost of Living: Check out my monthly expenses along with prices for everyday items.

Preparing for the Move

Whenever possible, I recommend that people visit Ecuador before making a permanent move. There is a huge variety of climates and lifestyles...from "third world" simplicity to uber modern and even hectic.

Come down; travel around. Find a place you love and stay for a few weeks to get a feel for the way of life. To narrow down where you might like to live, see this travel guide.

If you find that Ecuador is your perfect fit, check out the following information to plan your move.

  • Getting your visa: See which visa you qualify for and find information on beginning the process.
  • Tax free shipping option: Once you qualify for residency you have the chance to send one container of personal belongings to Ecuador tax free. See how to do it here.
  • Shipping a Vehicle: Unless you are an Ecuadorian citizen, a vehicle is not included in the tax free shipping option. If you still plan to ship a car, check out this guest blog post. 
  • What to bring: My must have list to bring from home. Plus see what others recommend bringing with.

Moving your house and/or car?

For more information on moving to Ecuador, visit the A-1 Auto Transport website.

Legal Issues - By Attorney Sara Chaca

Everyday Life in Ecuador

Tips for day to day living.

Renting in Ecuador: Most of us will rent at some point. What should you expect?

Building a house in Ecuador: Read about my experience building our home in Tena.

Work in Ecuador: There are a few decent ways to make some money while living in Ecuador.

Real Estate: Should you buy a home or build? Plus see current property listings.

Learn Spanish: Learning the language will enrich your experience in Ecuador.

Cooking in EcuadorA simple meal may take a little extra time in Ecuador, but it's well worth it!

Internet options: Work online? Just want to stay in touch? The Internet has improved a lot!

Watch US Television in Ecuador: Getting "Not Available in Your Region" messages? Check out this option provided by a guest blogger.

Telephone options: Land line and cell phones.

Getting a drivers license: If you are moving to Ecuador and you plan to drive, by law you must have an Ecuadorian drivers license.

Banking in Ecuador: Should you have a bank account in Ecuador? What should you expect at the bank?

Paying US taxes: Avoid penalties and audits by keeping up with your US tax obligations.

Getting along with Ecuadorians: The people of Ecuador are friendly and enjoy getting to know those who have chosen to move to their country.

Culture Shock: When moving to Ecuador you may see some things you may not have expected.

For additional resources see this page with a list of Ecuador websites I've found useful for various aspects of life in Ecuador. 

If you need further information on moving to Ecuador please feel free to contact me.

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