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Tourism in Ecuador is booming. The increase is in part due to aggressive marketing by the Ecuadorian government...have you heard that "All you need is Ecuador"? 

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This ad campaign has seen results and over a million people are coming to Ecuador each year.

See some ads from Ecuador's tourism campaign here...

So the word is out...Ecuador is a paradise of things to see and do with attactions that appeal to all sorts of people. There so much -really- that you could spend months, even years, visiting the country and never see it all.

We are working on several sample Ecuador itineraries that you can use to plan your trip. We are breaking down the country by region, interest, etc so you can pick out the things that most interest you and enjoy your time in Ecuador fully.

Instead of making day by day what to do and see itineraries, our itineraries have suggested attractions that you can pick and choose from to plan the perfect trip for you.

Tight Schedule?

We know that not everyone has weeks or months to spend traveling around Ecuador.

For those of you who only have a week or even just a long weekend... check out what you can do without traveling too far from the airports of Ecuador.

Travel Guides by Interests

Travel Guide #1: The Foodie 

Sample some of the best foods in Ecuador. Most can be found throughout the country, or search out the very best in each city.

For vegetarians or vegans click here for some additional tips.

Travel Guide #2: The Adventure Seeker

If you love an adrenaline rush you'll find lots to choose from in Ecuador. See what there is to do and where to do it in this guide.

Travel Guide #3: Chill Out

Just want some time to kick back and relax? Check out my top picks for beautiful places where you can.

Travel Guide #4: Pre-Move Ecuador Tour

Are you thinking about moving to Ecuador? Please visit first if you can and use this itinerary to pick out the places you should visit to narrow down your choices of where to live in Ecuador.

More Tourism in Ecuador Guides are on the way...

We are still working on the following guides. To be notified when each guide is available you can subscribe to our newsletter or our RSS feed. Or Like us on Facebook.

Travel Guide #5: Eco-travel

Travel Guide #6: Culture Curator

Travel Guide #7: Historic Architecture

Travel Guide #8: Traveling as a Family

As we come up with other travel guides we will be adding them to this tourism in Ecuador directory. If you have an idea that you would like us to explore, please post it below in the comments section.

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