Ecuador Expat File
Josef Zimet

Home country: United States

Currently living in: Cuenca, Ecuador

What made you want to move abroad?
I believe that this trip will be my last big trip abroad.  I chose Ecuador after having read many good things about it. 

How did you decide to move to Ecuador?
My pets had just passed away, and I knew that this time was the best time to go.  I sold everything, and left.

When did you move to Ecuador?
I have been here for four months.

Who did you move with?
Me, myself, and I; but, now I have two new cats.

Where in Ecuador have you lived?
Only in Cuenca.  I am now seeking out other places to move.  I would like small towns. I don't like the cold of Cuenca, but also know the Coast would be too warm for me.

What was the hardest part of moving? How did you deal with it?
When there is something you want to do, nothing is really hard.

What challenges or joys have you had that you didn't expect?  

  1. I miss good cheese and bread.
  2. I don't like at all the way household "mascotas" (pets) are treated in Ecuador.
  3. The Spanish is more difficult here than in Mexico. I really haven't gotten a grip on it.
  4. I am now missing home (U.S.) more.

What do you love about Ecuador?
I am not quite at 'Love' yet.

What don't you like about Ecuador?
The way animals are treated.

Would you recommend Ecuador to others? Why or why not?
Yes, but I would first say take a pre-trip.

Additional Comments:
I miss my friends.

Thank you, Josef for your honest assessment of your first few months in Ecuador. I hope you are able to find a place you truly love in Ecuador!

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