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My Experience with Water in Ecuador and Why I Love It! 
I live in the countryside (campo) in Southern Ecuador. Living in the campo allows me to experience tranquility and serenity I have never experienced anywhere …

Ecuador - beautiful country, beautiful people, personal inspiration 
The following link is to an article I wrote that was published in my local newspaper in Redding, Connecticut. I was so moved by my experiences in Ecuador …

Ecuador's Loja Province 
One of the things that I enjoy about living in Ecuador is the amazing diversity found in such a small country. Although the country is only about the …

Ecuadorian Coffee and Chocolate 
We dined in 3 pretty amazing restaurants whilst in Quito. Having had basic, but lovely accommodations and dining up country, we decided to splurge a little. …

Otavalo Market 
Ecuador is a small country, about the size of the state of Nevada. It has 3 very distinct areas. One can find anything they could ever want. The Otavalo …

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