Otavalo Market

by Toni Sanchez
(Ambato, Ecuador)

Wall Hanging from Otavalo

Wall Hanging from Otavalo

Ecuador is a small country, about the size of the state of Nevada. It has 3 very distinct areas. One can find anything they could ever want.

The Otavalo market may be the most visited place for the tourist to Ecuador.

Otavalo Indians wear blue ponchos, white trousers and long braided hair. To explore their handicraft market, with its beautiful textiles, jewelry, ceramics, tapestries, native paintings, and more at bargain prices, is a real adventure.

On one of the tours I give we visit the Otavalo market. I took about 65 pictures the last time we visited. I wish I could add more than one picture for you all to enjoy.

There are fine, hand-knit sweaters of all different types of yarns. Some of them would sell in other countries for hundreds of dollars, but in the Otavalo market the price is unbelievable. A mere $10-$25.

Also to be found is yarn. I like to knit and crochet so I love going there. One can find colors and textures that cannot be found in other places.

Others things that can be found are pigs, chickens, cattle, sheep, horses, rabbits, kittens, and of course, guinea pigs (pets or lunch?) for sale. If you are not into these live things, one can take home with them the cutest little Otavalo Indian doll.

While there, and it is time for lunch, there are many interesting things to eat. Portions from a whole roast pig is a favorite.

So if you want a reasonably priced vacation with lots of adventure, come to Ecuador and visit the Otavalo Market.

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by: Anonymous

Otavalo is acclaimed for their woven things. Contingent upon the amount of room you have in your baggage you could consider covers, lofts, tablecloths, sweaters, inside decorations and that's only the tip of the iceberg. There is additionally a mixed bag of distinctive sorts of artworks for sale...from customary landscape works of art of Ecuador to offbeat verging on theoretical present day craftsmanship.

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