Ecuador VIP
Discount Program

Enjoy the best tourism business at a discount as a member of the Ecuador VIP program.

  • 10% off at hotels, tour agencies, and more! 
  • Restaurant discount is from 5 to 10%. 
  • Plus exclusive offers only available to VIP members.

See our VIP Partners

How Much Can You Save

Even when traveling in Ecuador, where most things are relatively inexpensive, costs add up. Hotel rooms. Eating out. Tours. With Ecuador VIP, as costs add up, so can your savings.

See a sample itinerary and how much you can save.

So how much will you save? Of course this depends on how much you use the card.

  • For hotel rooms expect to save anywhere from $2 to $10 per night.
  • Go rafting and save at least $5 per person. 
  • Restaurants will discount from $1-2 per meal for two or three people. 
  • The more you use the card the more you save.

It works!

I recently used the Ecuador VIP card during a five day stay in Tena. In just this short time I saved close to $60 by using the voucher, which means the card paid for itself four times over. Not only was it accepted without problem at various businesses, but it was accepted at almost all of the restaurants and lodging options that most visitors would be interested in patronizing. If you plan to spend any amount of time in the areas where the Ecuador VIP card is accepted I highly recommend investing in one.

- Wendy

We now have partners in each region of Ecuador. Don't miss a thing! We are working hard to add more businesses in all the major tourist towns throughout Ecuador. These pages are being kept up-to-date so that you will know each time we add new partners, plus the Ecuador VIP newsletter will be sending out updates to cardholders. 

What You Get

Purchase the Ecuador VIP card and enjoy discounts from our partners throughout Ecuador. New partners will continue to be added.

Hotel discount: 10% on one room per hotel per card.

Restaurant and tour agency discounts: 10% off for up to four people (cardholder must be present).

Card valid for three months. Why three months? This is the typical length of a tourist visa in Ecuador.

A note to residents of Ecuador: If you live in Ecuador, you can use the Ecuador VIP card when traveling. However, businesses in your hometown, that recognize you as a local, regular customer reserve the right to refuse the VIP discount. This program is intended to increase tourism in Ecuador, so please use the card only when traveling. 

Card will be delivered as a PDF file to your computer within 24 hours once we receive your photo. Please print out this file as your hard copy of the Ecuador VIP card.

You will also receive a free subscription to our Ecuador VIP newsletter. The newsletter will bring the latest offers from our partners right to your email. Also some of our new partners will be announced through the newsletter.

Our Partners

We've partnered with businesses to bring you a variety of options. More options will be added as time goes on. Card members will be updated on new members and also exclusive VIP savings through our Ecuador VIP newsletter.

How do we choose our partners?

We are looking for business that not only have a reputation for being clean and comfortable, but that are run by friendly people who make you feel welcome. We also have a soft spot for ecologically friendly businesses.

Please note that although we have worked very hard to make sure our VIP Partners are among the best businesses in Ecuador, we at are not responsible for any bad experiences you have while using the VIP card. If you do have a negative experience please contact us so we can investigate the situation.

See our complete list of partners here.

Buy It Now

The Ecuador VIP card can be purchased anywhere in the world. Since you need nothing more than a copy of the PDF file, you can buy before leaving on your trip or while you are traveling in Ecuador.

Please remember that the card is valid for three months. If making reservations beforehand, you can still mention the VIP card, just make sure you have your card in hand at the time of payment.

 VIP Pass cost - $14.95
VIP Pass savings - about $100*

Once we receive your payment, you will be asked to submit a photo of the card holder. Any photo that shows your face will do. Within 24 hours of receiving your photo, your PDF card will arrive along with additional instruction for using the card. Expiration dates are calculated 100 days from the start date you specify.

Please note that hotel discount is for one hotel room per hotel per card. Other restrictions unique to individual partners will be listed on that partner's page.

* Savings are approximate. Each card holder will save depending on how much they use their card and the length of their stay in Ecuador.


Feel free to use the Facebook comments below to ask any questions you may have. Or you can contact me here.

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