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Ecuador Expat File: Josef Zimet

After four months as an expat, Josef Zimet has learned somethings about life in Ecuador. Read his honest opinion of his experience to date.

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Happy Gringo Travel

Family trip to Galapagos Islands

Happy Gringo is an Anglo-Dutch owned travel company run by passionate travelers for like-minded clients. Our most popular trips include Galapagos cruises

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Cost of Living in Ecuador


Cost of living in Ecuador is still quite inexpensive. Here is a list of my monthly expenses and also other common items. Updated August 2020!

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My Experience with Water in Ecuador and Why I Love It!

I live in the countryside (campo) in Southern Ecuador. Living in the campo allows me to experience tranquility and serenity I have never experienced anywhere

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8 Date Ideas Under $50 in Ecuador


When it comes to a date in Ecuador, you get quite a lot of bang for your buck, so there are some pretty cool dates to be had around the country.

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Stunning panorama

On the way down the mountain

This was taken two years ago on our way down the mountain. Cotopaxi is a photographers dream. You can swing your camera around your head and every picture

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DIgital Performance Marketing Ecuador

We are a group of marketers, engineers, and entrepreneurs obsessed with the idea of constantly changing the way digital marketing works in the region.

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Ecuador Visa Options for Expats


In this short article, we'll take a look at the most common types of Ecuador tourist and residency visas, and examine the general requirements of each of them.

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Zen Global

Global real estate investment advisers. We always have real estate for sale in Ecuador, especially in the areas of Salinas, Ballenita, Punta Blanca, Olón,

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Zamora Ecuador


Zamora Ecuador is located in the far southeast of the country. Enjoy a hike into the Parque Podocarpus's lush jungle of birds, rivers and waterfalls.

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Surgery in Ecuador


Some travel specifically to have surgery in Ecuador; others unexpectedly need to have surgery while in Ecuador. The latter was my experience and I learned a lot about the quality of doctors and care in Ecuador. Was it worth it?

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Vegan in Ecuador


Living vegan in Ecuador is pretty easy. However, when traveling in Ecuador things can be a bit more complicated.

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Wills in Ecuador: Do You Need One?


Laws about wills in Ecuador differ from those in other countries. Attorney Sara Chaca discusses who should have a will in Ecuador and how to draft one properly.

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Salango Ecuador


A traditional fishing village on the Pacific coast, Salango Ecuador is relaxing experience just a few minutes down the road from popular Puerto Lopez and all its activities.

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Puerto Lopez Ecuador


Once just a small fishing town, Puerto Lopez Ecuador has become the central hub for visiting surrounding attractions like the Poor Man's Galapagos or Isla de la Plata and the "best" beach in Ecuador. And they've risen to the meet the challenge!

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Ecuador Tourist Visa Extension (90 Days)


A tourist visa extension to stay an additional 90 days in Ecuador is pretty easy to get. We did this recently. This is what we learned...

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Getting Married in Ecuador: For Better or for Worse


For those considering marrying an Ecuadorian citizen, this information is meant for you and yours specifically, with respect to the marriage laws in Ecuador, as you both consider this most important issue and the benefits as well as requirements.

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Getting a Drivers License in Ecuador


Updated info! If making the move to Ecuador and you plan to drive, you need to get a drivers license in Ecuador. See three different options for getting your license.

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Canoa Ecuador


Canoa Ecuador is a popular spot of the Pacific Coast. Great for surfing, thrill seeking, or just laying back and relaxing.

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Top Ecuador Residency Visas


Sara Chaca explains the requirements for the four (or five) most popular Ecuador residency visas. Find out which is best for you.

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Sending a Care Package to Ecuador


When planning to send a care package to Ecuador keep in mind customs regulations so that your package doesn't get held up. See some suggestions on what to send.

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Ecuador Expat File: Donald Ballantyne


A retired Canadian couple move to San Clemente, Ecuador. Read about their joys and challenges.

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Buying Property in Ecuador: What You Need to Know!


Learn about common pitfalls that occur when buying property in Ecuador and how to avoid them. Written by a seasoned Ecuadorian Lawyer based on her firsthand experience with real estate transactions.

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Juice and More Juice

We brought our bread maker, cookbooks, slow cooker (broken lid when unpacked), knives, lantern and electronics. NO JUICER!! There is a blender here but

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Visit us

I´m David and I´m from Ecuador...I know about cultural shock and it´s hard to get used to it but, depends of the place you will visit. I´m from Cuenca/Azuay,

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Interview with Ecuador Visas

Ecuador Visas is a full service law firm serving all of Ecuador. They offer help with visas, real estate, containers, taxes and much more all in English.

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Ecuador Tourist Visa


How long can you stay on an Ecuador tourist visa? Some people want to stay longer than the normal 90 days. The process to stay longer isn't too complicated. Updated 2017

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Exchange year

The best part about living here is definitely the school. As I am an exchange student in Santo Domingo (small town southwest of Quito) school is definitely

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Ecuador Road Trip: An Insider's Guide to an Amazing Adventure


My very first Ecuador book! Learn about how to plan and enjoy a successful vacation to Ecuador. Why take a road trip? It's the best way to see the country.

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