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by David Intriago

I´m David and I´m from Ecuador...I know about cultural shock and it´s hard to get used to it but, depends of the place you will visit.

I´m from Cuenca/Azuay, if you are walking around downtown you will find nice people who speaks English and the streets are pretty clean.

I agree about food in Ecuador specially with chicken feet floating in your soup and that´s not a soup here we call it "caldo". When I want to buy good meat I go to Supermaxi or Gran AKI, it´s more expensive than buying at the market but it´s better.

I don´t recommend to buy all your fruits at the supermarket because they put a lot of chemicals on it, if you want fresh fruits you can go to the market and ask the seller when fresh fruits arrive. This way is cheaper than supermarkets.

If you need some help in Ecuador specially in Cuenca you can send me an

I´m learning about USA and English in a place called Abraham Lincoln so I´m practicing my writing.

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