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Tena EcuadorTena's Riverside Park

A growing tourist town in the Amazon region, Tena Ecuador is a beautiful place. Again I'm way biased, because I've lived here for years. Tena has lots to offer. It is located southeast of Quito, to the east of the Andes.

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Most tourist come to Tena for white water rafting and jungle tours.

The beauty of the rainforest can be observed without too much concern for jungle diseases like malaria or yellow fever.

I'm not saying it's impossible to get these illnesses in Tena and surrounding areas, but due to it's location your risks are lower. The mosquito problem of other areas is significantly less in Tena. Thus the drop in mosquito transmitted diseases. Precautions should still be taken, especially if you're planning a trip into the jungle.

Tena EcuadorTena Ecuador


In February, the Fiestas of the Province of Napo are held. There are lots of activities, parties and parades. February 12th is the actual date of the celebration, but the surrounding days make the festival a week long or more!

November 15th is the Fiestas of Tena. There are parades and different cultural shows celebrating the history of the city.

Things to do

If you make it to Tena, don't miss the best part: rafting! You can combine the jungle tour and rafting in one as you float through amazing jungle backdrops. The various rivers in the area mean something for all experience levels.

Various jungle tours leave from Tena. Eco-lodges and other conservation efforts are located a short distance from Tena.

Try a fresh glass of the newest super-drink grown right in the Tena area: Guayusa Tea

Be prepared for afternoon and evening rain showers that refresh the area after hot tropical days.

More Things to Do in Tena

Visit Laguna Azul to enjoy beautiful natural swimming pools surrounded by jungle. A must see spot just outside of Tena!

Check out my restaurant guide for great places to eat while in Tena.

Visit El Arca, a cute zoo just outside of Archidona.

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