Ecuador Rafting Tours

Ecuador rafting tours are very popular since Ecuador is full of beautiful rivers. It's a great place to enjoy a day of white water rafting.

There are a great variety of options when it comes to rafting, rivers suitable for beginners to experts.

In Quito, you can arrange for just about any of the rafting trips available.


Tena is a great place for a rafting experience....actually it's the best place for rafting in Ecuador since you have such a large variety of rivers to choose from.

The Pastaza River, Ecuador

I've personally rafted the Río Jatunyacu/Upper Napo (class III) several times. It's a great river for all skill levels.

The Misahauallí, Hollin, Jondachi and Quijos rivers are also options out of Tena (classes IV and V). The jungle scenery is amazing! If you're low on money and are choosing between rafting or a jungle walk, pick rafting! You'll get the best of both. The Jondachi/Hollin trip offered by River People has awesome jungle views.

Check out the best rafting in Ecuador! Raft with the best, most experienced guides in the jungle.


Baños is also popular with river lovers. Trips on the Río Patate and the Río Pastaza leave from Baños (classes III and IV).

As in all places, watch out for inexperienced or unlicensed guides.

El Chaco

This small little jungle town may not seem too tourist oriented, but it's a great place for a river run. The Río Quijos (class III and IV) was the site of the 2005 world rafting championships. The Salado and Due rivers are also rafted (classes II-IV).


Try the Río Upano for class III and IV rapids. Multi-day trips can be organized in Quito and leave from Macas.


From Quito, you can book a tour on the Río Blanco (class III/IV) which flows down the west side of the Andes toward the coast. 

Most of the above mentioned river trip can also be organized in Quito.

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