Ecuadorian Coffee and Chocolate

by Ann Phelan
(Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean)

We dined in 3 pretty amazing restaurants whilst in Quito. Having had basic, but lovely accommodations and dining up country, we decided to splurge a little.

Our first night we dined at Alma Cocina in Bellavista. It was pretty amazing. Fransisco, the Maitre' de recommended we buy our chocolate and coffee at Cafe Velez on Pontevedra N24 y Guipuzcoa. What a find! Jose Velez, the owner welcomed us into his tasting room and did we taste. I loved the Lemongrass chocolate. We bought several bags of Ecuadorian coffee as well. The prices were fair. Thanks to Cafe Velez and MOST of all everyone at Alma who fed us well and recommended Cafe Velez.

Other dining mentions go out to Zazu who fed us well. An amazing dining spot. El Ventanal was another great dining spot with stellar views.

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