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Adventure travel Ecuador can include many different sports and pastimes. This page contains a summery of the kinds of adventure sports available in Ecuador and where in the country to go for your preferred sport.  

Use our Adventure Map to plan out your trip.

White Water Rafting

Photo Courtesy: River People Rafting, Tena, Ecuador

There are several places to enjoy a rafting trip. In some places, you can even combine camping and rafting for a real adventure.

Best Place for Rafting: Tena

Other Places for Rafting: Baños, Santo Domingo (trips are usually scheduled in Quito), Puyo and Macas.

White Water Kayaking

Photo Courtesy: River People Rafting, Tena, Ecuador

Another popular water sport in the rivers of Ecuador is kayaking and it's a great way to see the natural beauty of Ecuador in ways most of us never will.

Best Place for Kayaking: Tena and Baeza

Other Places for Kayaking: Puyo, Macas, Santo Domingo and Baños.

Sea Kayaking

Enjoy the Pacific Ocean from your kayak. Whale watching can be done from the unique perspective of the kayak.

Best Place for Sea Kayaking: Galapagos

Other Places for Sea Kayaking: Montañita, Machalilla, Isla de la Plata, and Puerto Lopez

Scuba Diving

Ecuador has a unique mix of underwater experiences. The Galapagos offers a variety of interesting marine life, while mainland Ecuador has it's own attractions including a submerged statue of Jesus.

Best Place for Scuba Diving: Galapagos

Other Places for Scuba Diving: Isla de la Plata, Puerto Lopez, Ayangue, Salinas


Surfing in EcuadorCanoa, Ecuador

Ecuador is a popular surf destination. Come see what the fuss is about.

Best Surf Spots: Montañita

Other Places for Surfing: Canoa, Mompiche, Punta Carnero


Paragliding in EcuadorPhoto Courtesy: Geotours, Baños, Ecuador

Best place to paraglide: Crucita

Where to go paragliding: Baños, Quito, Canoa, Cuenca, or Yahuarcocha (Ibarra)

Rappeling or Canyoning

Canyoning in EcuadorPhoto Courtesy: Geotours, Baños Ecuador

Never heard of canyoning? It's basically repelling down waterfalls. 

Best Rappeling: Baños

Other places to Rappel: Mindo, Cuenca, Bucay 

Rock Climbing

Best: Cuenca (Paute)

Other areas: Baños, Quito, Cuyuja, Riobamba


Puenting in EcuadorPhoto Courtesy: Geotours, Baños, Ecuador

As far as I know there isn't much bungee jumping being done in Ecuador. But there is: puenting. What is puenting? It comes from the word "puente," bridge in Spanish. So puenting is jumping off a bridge. You are attached to bungee-like cord, but it doesn't have the give that a bungee cord has. So instead of bouncing you swing like pendulum from the bridge.

Best Place for Puenting: Baños

Other Places for Puenting: Quito

Mountain Climbing

El Altar, Ecuador, Mountain ClimbingEl Altar, Riobamba, Ecuador

There are some of the most amazing mountains and volcanoes in Ecuador. Several reaching over 20,000 feet. 

Best Places to Climb: Cotopaxi is for sure the most popular climb. Guides can be found in Quito and Latacunga

Other Places to Climb: Chimborazo (Riobamba), Ilinizas (Quito), Imbabura (Ibarra), El Altar (Riobamba).

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in EcuadorWaterfall Avenue, Baños, Ecuador

Love to bike. It's a great way to enjoy the amazing scenery in Ecuador. One of the most popular bike routes in Ecuador is between Baños and Puyo and called Waterfall Avenue. 

Best Places to bike: Baños

Other Places: Quito (a variety of trips leave from Quito to various areas of the Northern Mountains), Cuenca

Jungle Trips

Jungle Tours EcuadorPhoto Courtesy: Geotours, Baños, Ecuador

Ecuador's Amazon Jungle is one of the least explored areas of the country. You can still visit virtually untouched areas and communities of indigenous tribes. 

Best Place for Jungle Trips: Cuyabeno

Other Jungle Trips leave from: Tena, Misahuallí, Puyo, Macas, Lago Agrio

Zip Lining

There are many places to zip line. There are also quite a few cable cars around if you aren't feeling as adventurous (although some might say you should be more adventurous).

Best Places: Mindo and Baños

Other Zip Lines: Near Cotopaxi, Vilcabamba, Montañita

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