Ecuador Expat Resources

I've been compiling the following Ecuador Expat Resources list for a while now. It's handy to have helpful websites all in one place when you're looking for an answer to your relocation questions. These are website I use personally and have found helpful.

Do you know of other helpful sites to add to this list? Please, feel free to tell me about them in the comments at the end of the page. Thanks!

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Ecuador Expat Forums

There are quite a few expat forums out there. I personally watch the Facebook group: Ecuador Expats. They bicker a bit and some people can be downright rude, but in among the banter there is quite a bit of great information. And one of the moderators is really good about posting Ecuador news stories with a quick English summary. 

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Google+ and Yahoo! have similar groups. So you can choose the platform that suits you.

Another great option is InterNations. This is a free expat meeting place that helps you connect with other expats near you. Something that some may enjoy about InterNations is they arrange social events for expats living in different parts of the country. You sign up for the group that is closest to you and they email you when there is an activity planned in your area.

Visa and Passport Help

Visa requirement change all the time in Ecuador. That's why I constantly check Ecuador's Ministerio del Exterior website. This website lists visa and citizenship requirements among other things. It is a valuable Ecuador expat resource, but it is mostly in Spanish.

For US citizens living abroad you'll probably have to visit the Embassy at some point, whether to renew a passport or for other paperwork. The US Embassy in Quito's website is a great resource. Plus you make your appointments for passport renewal online.

If you are not a US citizen, make sure to locate your country's nearest Embassy. They can often help you will paperwork needed for visas and passport issues. For a complete list of embassies in Ecuador click here.

Ecuador News

One of Ecuador's main newspapers is El Comercio. The online version has a variety of articles dealing mostly with politics, but they also have frequent articles about little known points of interest in Ecuador.

Another option is a weekly online newspaper: Zero Latitude Living. This is a great place for a summery of what's happening in Ecuador. As well, as recent blog posts from some of their favorite bloggers.

Learning Spanish

Lately we've been using DuoLingo to polish our Spanish. I wish we had this 15 years ago! :) It's a fun way to learn Spanish a little bit each day. They have a helpful placement test, if you already have some experience with the language.

Finding a Job in Ecuador

It can be hard to find a job online, but there is one good option. Neuvoo is an international site with job listings for Ecuador. I have an alert set up for "Tena jobs" just in case something that would work for us comes up. 

Ecuadorian Recipes

As you grow accustomed to your new home, you will find different Ecuadorian dishes that you like and you may want to impress some of your Ecuadorian friends by cooking some of their food for them.

The BEST and pretty much only complete recipe website for Ecuadorian food is by an Ecuadorian named Laylita. I've used numerous recipes from this site and most (if not all) have turned out great! An invaluable resource.

Classified Ads in Ecuador

There are lots of Facebook groups out there with classified ads for most cities in Ecuador. Another great option are the websites and These website has a little bit of everything (from cars to home furnishing and more!) with ads from all over the country.

If you are looking for rentals or real estate...Ecuador is still catching up. Some ads can be found online (the sites listed above have some listings), but for the most part you're best off looking for property on the ground. Signs posted on windows and walls in town are still the most popular way to advertise.

When You Need Help

Sometimes talking to a real person is better than any website. I understand that sometimes you need an answer from someone who is living in Ecuador. I don't mind answering questions. If you have read through my FAQ page and don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact me.

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