Working in Ecuador

A nine to five job in Ecuador might make you feel like these guys!

Want to move to Ecuador without a pension? Working in Ecuador can be a little complicated. First things first, you need a resident visa which will allow you work legally in Ecuador.

Next...finding a job. Everyday jobs in Ecuador don't pay very well. A good jobs often pays $20 a day. Yes a day! That kind of makes it hard to make working in Ecuador feel worth the time. There are higher paying jobs around, but you have to be qualified and search for them.

Job hunting seems very "political" to me. You have to know someone high up; skills aren't usually the first thing considered.

The best option: is working in a specialized field that is in demand. For example, friends of mine were able to get work as white water rafting guides. Having skills and speaking English is a big plus for tourist related jobs.

You can search available jobs in cities throughout Ecuador on this website and get an idea of what is out there.

Creating Work

There are lots of business opportunities in Ecuador. If you are a business savvy kind of person, spend some time thinking about the area you live in and what service is needed. Many people here are not too big on change, but if you can prove that your service is worthwhile your business could go far.

In starting a business, speak to others who own businesses. They can help you understand tax laws and other considerations you should have in mind. Laws are changing frequently in Ecuador, so you can also get information at the local SRI (tax) office or with the help of a good lawyer.

Teach English

Teaching in Ecuador has the potential to be profitable. English is taught at all levels of public and private schools. But limited pay would be the problem, especially in public school.

A great option is setting up your own class. You'd get control of the day and time you would want to teach. Plus you name your price. It is very common for a class of this sort to charge an enrollment fee and a fee per class.

Demand for qualified English teachers is very high in Ecuador. More and more people are realizing the advantage of being able to speak English and universities as well as many jobs now require that candidates speak English. I receive requests regularly from people, parents especially, looking for a tutor.

For more info on available jobs teaching English in Ecuador check out this link and type "Ecuador" in the search box to find the latest job postings.

"Seasonal" Work

Another option for supporting yourself in Ecuador is going back and forth from your home job.

Do you have a flexible job? You can work six months and spend six months working in Ecuador... on your tan! :) This has worked very well for me in the past. I would go to the States to work for three to six months, visit my family, and then return to Ecuador for 9 months to a year.

Lately, the stiff competition for work back home -plus the fact that there are three of us and not just one- has made it less appealing to me to do this, so online options are better for us.

Working in Ecuador Online

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Another option to teach English in Ecuador is through an online English school. More and more online schools are popping up. Lately, I heard of many people working for companies that specialize in teaching English to Chinese students. The hours can be kind of strange to coincide with China's time zones, but the pay is good.

I am currently looking into another online job: transcript proofreading. It looks promising and with all the time I spend proofreading my own work, I think it's something I could be good at. We'll see. 

What I Do

I started my own Internet business. How? It was easy! I was able to learn the ins and outs of how the Internet works in a very short period of time. I learned how to put together a website that gets found. It's a little bit more than just having a blog which can easily get lost among hundreds of other blogs.

Now I get paid to write about what I love... Ecuador! Working has never been more enjoyable.

Learn what I did! You don't have to write about Ecuador...write about what you know and love. Click here or on the video below for more info.

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