UV Water Purifier

Water is everywhere in Ecuador, but it's not always clean to drink.

Why is a UV Water Purifier useful for life in Ecuador? One of the biggest inconveniences experienced by those of us living in Ecuador is having clean, healthy water.

Without the purifier we were boiling water about once every two days. A three gallon pot of water takes a LONG time to boil (once it comes to a rapid boil it is recommended that you continue to boil your water 20 minutes). And it takes even longer to cool down to the point you feel refreshed when drinking it. Plus you loose about half a gallon in steam. What a hassle!

No wonder so many of us fall into the unhealthy routine of drinking soda or other prepackaged drinks. It's just so easy to pick up an ice cold two liter pop when you're parched.

My dad bought a Ultra Violet water purifier after about two years in Ecuador. It was so nice! My dad hooked it up in the kitchen so that sink had clean, pure water. It was a big relief to know that all our cooking was done with clean water. Many of us would brush our teeth in the kitchen to take advantage of the parasite-free water.

For more info on how UV-C water purifiers work see my dad's website: http://www.indoor-air-health-advisor.com/effects-of-ultraviolet-light.html

There are great water purifiers available that would be perfect for a family living in Ecuador (the model we have is ancient and needs to be replaced after 10 years).

These purifiers eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. There are several different models which could suit different needs. One is an under the sink model like we have. Others can be hooked up to purify your entire house. Both come with UV bulbs, which should be changed about once a year.

My dad also suggests a cartridge filter to filter all the dirt out of the water before it goes through the water purifier. The tap water can come out pretty murky, especially if you live in an area where the water comes directly out of a river. Every time the river rises so does all the sediment.

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