Intiñan Museum
Quito Ecuador

The Intiñan Musuem is located just outside of Quito right next to the Mitad del Mundo monument. Most people know that Mitad del Mundo's equator line is a bit off. Intiñan has their own marker and it's closer to the right spot.

We went with some friends who had a GPS watch. According to the watch the line (or the watch!) seems to be .02 of a degree off. :)

Intiñan Museum Quito EcuadorAre we at zero now?

Besides the photo opp, the museum offers some great fun! It's a great option for travelers with kids.

The entrance fee is $4 for adults and $2 for kids under 12 (2015). A guided tour in Spanish or English is included in the fee.

The museum is open everyday of the week until 5 pm.

Intiñan Museum Exhibits 

Although there are only a few actual exhibits, they are well done. They focus on the native tribes of Ecuador, including the Shuar and the Woaranis. There are some replicas of typical houses of some of the complete with a live guinea pig farm. :)

There is also a burial mound where your guide will explain some of the rituals that come with death for the Tsachilá people.

Intiñan Activities

But the real fun comes from the different activities. We missed out on the sun dial because it was cloudy the day we went. It would be especially interesting to go during an equinox or solstice. 

Some of the activities include...

Trying to balance an egg on the head of a nail. Get a certificate if you can do it!
Walking the equatorial line with your eyes closed.
Demonstration of the Coriolis Effect.

Getting There

Taxi: We took a taxi. We had to take two because of the size of our group. We left from Naciones Unidas near the Parque Carolina in Quito. It cost $15 in one taxi and $18 in the other. Negotiate a price before getting in the taxi.

Bus: There are buses that go to Mitad del Mundo that leave from the Ofelia Bus Station. 

Both in One Day!

You could easily visit both Mitad del Mundo and the Intiñan Museum in one day. It helps that they are right next to each other.

I kind of felt that one visit to Mitad del Mundo was enough for me...but I would go back to Intiñan!

For more info about the museum see their website.

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