Galapagos Fur Seal

The Galapagos Fur Seal is a small cousin of the sea lion.

They are distinguished by their thick fur coat which made them a target for poachers. They are now protected, but their numbers have been greatly reduced.

The Fur Seal spends much of its time in the waters around the islands. They do not migrate and spend their whole lives on and around the Galapagos. One exception is a colony of Fur Seals that have relocated to Northern Peru.

The seals feed on fish near the islands. They usually hunt at night and near the ocean's surface. During the el Niño weather pattern food supplies can be greatly reduced causing seal pups to die. In other years, food tends to be plentiful.

Their main enemies are sharks and Orca whales. But the migratory paths of these animals seldom pass the Galapagos making their presence rare.

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