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Ecuador Road Trip: An Insider's Guide to an Amazing Adventure

My very first Ecuador book! Learn about how to plan and enjoy a successful vacation to Ecuador. Why take a road trip? It's the best way to see the country.

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Ecuador Tourist Visa

How long can you stay on an Ecuador tourist visa? Some people want to stay longer than the normal 90 days. The process to stay longer isn't too complicated.

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What I'm Working On

I just finished the rough draft of my first book! It's all about how to travel Ecuador for those who have never been here.

Coming soon! I'm going to be looking for motivated individuals to form part of my book launch team. Whether you have marketing skills, love Ecuador or are thinking about coming to Ecuador you may be just who I'm looking for. Sign up for my newsletter for more info in the next issue.

Elite Tours Abroad

Welcome to our newest Site Sponsor: Elite Tours Abroad. We recently interviewed them to learn more about the services they offer.

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All Up-to-Date

Goal #1 met! I've been working hard reading over EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. on my website. I've corrected things that have changed and left notes on pages where changes are expected shortly.

I'm glad to say you can read any page that I've written on as if it were written today. Any page relating a specific experience still include MY experience, but also has notes giving any updates to the situation since that time.

Now it's time to work on Goal #2. Information on that is coming soon.

I thank you for reading and hope you continue to enjoy my website!

Banos Ecuador Slideshow

Photos taken in Banos Ecuador

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Working in Ecuador

Working in Ecuador. Need work while in Ecuador? Read a few suggestions on possible work opportunities.

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Food from Ecuador

Food from Ecuador. The wide variety of fruits and vegetables are amazing. Here are just some of the different things to try.

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Somos CENESTUR, el Instituto Tecnológico de Turismo y Hotelería que en 1987, abrió sus puertas con propuestas nuevas y diferentes, para formar profesionales

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Helping Expats Group

Assistance for: Tourist visa Residence visas Cedulas Wills IESS Translations Taxes refunded for Senior Business tax return Marriage registrations Translations

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Elite Tours Abroad

Curious about living, retiring, or investing abroad? Trying to make retirement savings last? Wonder why Central and South America have been in the spotlight

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Ecuador Relocation Tours

Our tours will familiarize you with life in the two main expat-inhabited regions of Ecuador: the coast, and the sierra. All - inclusive:You will pay

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Cost of Living in Ecuador

Cost of living in Ecuador is still quite inexpensive. Here is a list of my monthly expenses and also other common items. Updated April 2015.

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Travel Ecuador: Your options for getting around the country

Whether by air, bus or car you can travel Ecuador quite easily. Check out your options.

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Where to Live in Ecuador

Lots of articles that say Ecuador is the perfect place to retire, but Ecuador has tons of variety. So maybe you wonder, "Where should I live in Ecuador?"

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Ecuador New Years Eve

In Ecuador New Years Eve is a huge deal. Parties include the burning of dummies and men dressing as widows?!?

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Ecuador Health: Staying healthy during your trip

Ecuador Health: Things to be aware of that could ruin your trip. Avoid them and enjoy you time in Ecuador!

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Ecuador Housing

What to expect from Ecuador housing. Common construction materials, heating, a/c, water, etc.

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Ecuador Expat File: Renato

In this Expat File, meet an Italian who did his research and fell in love with Salinas, Ecuador.

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Fundación Ecuador Volunteer

At EVF, we are experience in arranging the volunteer programs to experience the several destinations. At here you can experience the international volunteer

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Tena House For Sale

This house just outside Tena has rental potential with two small apartments in addition to the three bedroom main house. Large lot in quiet neighborhood.

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Banos Thermal Pools

The Banos thermal pools maybe one of the most famous attractions the town has. There are several options to choose from as well as lap pools for swimmers.

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Ecuador Money: What to bring on your trip.

Ecuador money. What currency will you need for your trip to Ecuador. Watch out for counterfeits.

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Archidona Zoo: El Arca

The Archidona Zoo is a great way to take a beautiful walk through the jungle and see some beautiful birds and animals.

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Dogs Obedience School

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners Robert C. received his life call at the age of 8 years old when he trained his first dog, Jack, on his own. Years later, he turned

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7.8 Earthquake on Ecuador's Coast

2016-04-17: Last night there were two big earthquakes in Ecuador. One near Pedernales 7.8 and another near Bahia de Caraquez 5.5. There are over 233 reported dead with hundreds injured. Entire buildings have been destroyed. Others, like the Manta and Guayaquil airports, have suffered damage.

Culture Shock travel

The toilet paper issue is in many countries. It is the same in China and many of the bathrooms there are simply ceramic holes. In Canada, the toilet

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Achotillo: Exotic Fruit

Achotillo or rambutan, not to be confused with achoite, is a sweet tropical fruit found in Ecuador and other countries.

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Shipping a Vehicle to Ecuador is Easier than You Think

Guest Blog Post: "To ease the transition [of moving to Ecuador], it is recommended that you have your personal vehicle shipped over so that traveling your new surroundings isn’t an obstacle."

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Ailola Quito Spanish School

We are a Spanish School in the historical center of Quito with many years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreign students. We offer individual classes,

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