Police Riots in Ecuador (Sept/30/10)

September 30-Riots around the country broke out today as the police protested a new law passed on Wednesday. The law passed was meant to equalize compensation for public employees, including the police. The law would eliminate seniority bonuses and extend the time between pay raises.

President Rafael Correa claims that misinformation by the media caused this rebellion. Many understood the law means absolutely no bonuses. But Correa states that it doesn't eliminate compensation bonuses.

Tear gas was thrown at the president while trying to negotiate with the police. And later the hospital where he had been taken was surrounded by protesters.

Peru and Colombia have closed it's borders with Ecuador as a state of emergency was declared.

Protests in Quito and Guayaquil are being controlled by military presence.

The reaction of the police to the information is not an uncommon reaction in Ecuador. Over the years there have been many strikes and riots from employees throughout the public sector over contracts and new laws. Teachers, health care professionals and political parties have all taken a turn at blocking roads and protesting presidential decisions. At times this has meant to ousting on the president from office and even from the country.

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Oct 02, 2010
Ecuadorian Adventures
by: Toni Sanchez

I have lived in Ecuador off and on for 15 years.
There have been several strikes during this time.
Most of the time the average person is not affected by them, especially those who live in the country.
As always, they get up in the morning, do their jobs, go to bed at night and start all over again the next day.
So, if you are planing to visit Ecuador, just wait until the strike is over. If you are planning to move to Ecuador, do not let a strike stop you.
The only way I would leave Ecuador now is because of an act of God or a governmental decree.
So come and enjoy the sights and wonders of this beautiful country.

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