Hostal Pakay
Tena, Ecuador
Ecuador VIP Partner

Hostal Pakay

One of the few...possibly the only...truly eco-friendly hotel in Tena. Hostal Pakay is built on a hill overlooking the valley where Tena is located. Enjoy lush jungle surroundings just minutes from the bus terminal and other local attractions. 

The hotel has been built from sustainable materials and is equipped to efficiently dispose of wastes without damaging the environment. Pakay also cultivates much of its own fruit and vegetables and supports the local community to promote eco-tourism that is environmentally and socially sustainable.


Room options include:

  • single 
  • double
  • triple
  • quadruple
  • dorm rooms 

Rooms available with private or shared bathrooms. Bathrooms are equipped with dry toilets and biological wastewater treatment systems.


  • Free WiFi
  • Breakfast is included in room prices
  • Dinner options available


Per person with breakfast:

Double occupancy with private bathroom


Single occupancy with private bathroom


Single occupancy with shared bathroom


Double or triple occupancy with shared bathroom


Dorm room with shared bathroom


Group discounts available

Looking for a deal? Hostal Pakay is a member of Ecuador VIP (accommodations only). Learn more...


Pakay also offers a variety of tours that -in harmony with Pakay's mission- explore the beauty of the area with a minimal ecological footprint. Owner Tony is a licensed guide.

Tour options include:

  • Local attractions in and around Tena
  • Rafting and kayaking
  • Four and five day Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve tours

See the Pakay website for tour details and prices.

*Ecuador VIP discount does not apply to tours.

Hostal Pakay offers comfortable rooms

Quiet place to relax

Enjoy the view over a cup of coffee

Pakay offers jungle tours


See Pakay's website for more information and to make reservations.


Located in the "30 de diciembre" neighborhood overlooking Tena. When entering the neighborhood from the "perimentral" Pakay's entrance can be seen down the first cross street to the right. Located at end of the street. Taxi costs $1.25 before 7 pm or $1.50 after 7 pm.

› Hostal Pakay

› Hostal Pakay


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