Moving to Ecuador

by Charles Barrett

RSE has been helping people move for years, and with RSE your relocating will be a breaze. There are no hidden costs. You are provided an estimate sheet, and contract which lays out our services, point by point. The whole process from the time your container is picked up in the USA, until it reaches your home in Ecuador, should be approximately 31 days. Over 40 years of experience. Get our 14 page free HELPFUL FACT REPORT. EDIF. Acroplolis Oficinas 303 Av. Jose Peralta y Av. 12 de Abril Cuenca Ecuador

Charles R. Barrett President & Dr. Galo Cardenas Atty. V.P

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Sep 30, 2023
Shipping \to Ecuador from Puerto Rico NEW
by: Anonymous

Does your company ship household items from Puerto Rico to Ecuador?

May 23, 2013
relocation services
by: Nathaly Consuegra

Hello Greg, yes the container can be 20 ft or 40 ft High Cube... if you want more information request to my email

May 23, 2013
shipping container
by: Greg in Spain

When you say you can bring only one container, can the container be any size like a 40 footer? Thanks in advance.

Apr 13, 2013
I am flying cargo.
by: M.J.

Thanks Jess for your response
I feel that the simple way to relocate my self,
my few belongs,and a big-very specal-dog,is to
put us ALL on the same plane/useing same airline
all the way...(5000 miles for me).......
The access bagage fees do not seems too high
with Lan...just having problems with response for
a "pre-paid cargo @ animal booking". I understand that one may ask for the import fees to
be waverd if your goods are household and/or personal tools. I shall just cross my fingers that
customs, when I arrive, will be kind to Cha Cha and I. Saludos M.J.

Apr 12, 2013
To M.J.

Hi M.J.

You would have to ship all your belongings in one container to qualify for tax free importing. Depending on the size you may still be able to ship it by air. If it's too large your only option may be water transport.

You may be able to bring your 50 lb boxes on LAN, but you will have to pay the additional baggage fees and you may face a fee in Ecuador...the law technically says you can only bring in two bags tax free, but I've not heard if that is enforced on arrival in Ecuador.


Apr 11, 2013
I am flying cargo
by: M.J.

Your VERY clear # 1 to #6 list of "moveing your
personal items to Ecuador" = was most helpful.
I am FLYING my dog and 10= 50 lb boxs- booking
Lan out of Tijuana Baja Mex (TIJ) international.
My question is:
Do the #1 to #6. instructions apply to Air Cargo?
I ask because LAN AIRLINES is not responding.......
Thank you for any answers you may provide..M.J/

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