Funny Ecuador Stories

by David and Lin Schneider
(Los Organos, Piura, Peru SA)

Me either Peru or Ecuador ca. 1955

Me either Peru or Ecuador ca. 1955

Language? Hah, here are some funny Ecuador stories about speaking "la lengua."

Although I was born in Peru and spent five years in Ecuador as a kid, I hadn't spoken much Spanish in 30 years when I moved back with my wife and daughter.

I wanted to buy a shovel. Easy, right? But what is a shovel in Spanish? I thought, hmmm, spade is a small shovel, so I'll ask for an "espada." (Some of you are chuckling already)!

I got on the bus and went to the nearest decent-sized town, La Libertad (coast). As I walked down the street, I saw several "ferreterias," hardware stores.

I walked into the first and asked the man at the counter for an "espada". Well, he looked at me kind of funny and said they didn't have any. Oh well.

I went into the second ferreteria and got the same response, maybe a little stronger.

Well....the next store had a shovel in the window so I figured I couldn't go wrong. When I asked for an "espada," I got a strange look and the man said they didn't have any. I pointed to the shovel in the window and said, there's one.

He looked at me even stranger and said they didn't have an espada.

Well, by this time I suspected I had the wrong word and left it for later. When I got home, I looked it up and found out why the strange looks.

"Espada" means sword...

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Ja Ja
by: Toni Sanchez

You were right! Those of us who have a knowledge of 'la lengua' were smiling right from the start.
Loved your experience.

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