Ecuadorian vs Mexican

Flowers of Ecuador

Flowers of Ecuador

After living in Ecuador for many years, my parents moved to southern Texas. While visiting them I met some friends who spoke Spanish. Being so close to Mexico their Spanish was closely related to the Mexican Spanish.

I thought nothing of it until a common expression from Ecuador came out my mouth. In Ecuador the words "no mas" are added to the end of many expressions. Literally meaning "no more". "Sigue no mas"-literally means continue no more, but is used to say continue right along. "Entre no mas" means to come right in and not the literal translation: enter no more.

My new friends looked at me very confused. They weren't sure whether to continue on or stop. I guess "no mas" is an unique Ecuadorian expression.

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So Ecuadorian
by: Ell

"Sigue no más" is so Ecuadorian!! and "aqui no más" jaja

Entre no mas
by: Chantel

I have been living in Chile for almost 6 mos. now, and people here definitely also say, "entre no mas" meaning "come right in." It was a bit confusing for me at first too.

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