Ecuadorian Sign Language Blunder

by Toni Sanchez
(Ambato, Ecuador)

I am trying to learn Ecuadorian Sign language, as I mentioned in my last post. There are no books to be found, no site that I can find on the Internet, so I have to depend on my association with those who know the language and my memory. None have the time to give private lessons. So, blunder I do!!!

There are different signs for hour (hora) and now (ahora).
I was using the hour sign for the now sign and wondering why I was getting strange looks.

If anyone knows how to sign Ecuadorian sign, please help me find a better way to learn.
Ecuadorian sign is different than other sign languages.

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Ecuadorian Sign Language
by: Anonymous

CONADIS has an online dictionary with video demonstrations of the signs.

great source for ESL now online
by: Teresa Lynch Bashant

Try this!

Ecua sign
by: Anonymous

Some Peace Corps friends and I were involved in the 1980s deaf community in Ecuador and we helped write and draw a dictionary to unify the Ecua signs. I have a copy of it somewhere and will do my best to excavate it and get it out there! Teresa:

by: Anonymous

ah that's so exciting!!! I just decided to move there ! . dont wanna leave my email here but if you have a way of contacting you that you feel comfortable I can tell what it's been like for me trying to learn the language.if not a short answer to your question is no you don't have to learn Spanish but it is incredibly helpful because the root of the signs comes from Spanish words and also the hearing in the cong usually only speak Spanish. I went knowing only ASL and was able to get by but it was rough.hope that is helpful :) but ya leave your contact info if you have one that isn't your first and last name like mine lol.

by: Anonymous

hello sister ,i just read your comments . i am hoping to go to Ecuador and help int the sign language field ,i have been doing some auslan here in Australia ....will i need to learn Spanish first before being able to learn the sign language??
Thankyou xxx

Ecuadorian Sign
by: Anonymous

I really like it. I was checking constantly this blog and I'm impressed!

Hope this helps! :)
by: Anonymous

Hi there! I was actually just searching the web for the same thing. I will be going back to where my sister is in otavalo to help the deaf there to learn about the bible. There are many videos that use ecuadorian sign language on our website Just go to the bottom click on 'watch sign language videos' and then choose ecuadorian sign language which is listed as lengua de senas ecuatoriana. Then at the top click videos libros y mas then again on videos on the left. You can download for free the same publication in English Spanish or asl to follow along . The videos don't teach the language but it helped me a lot. That and attending the meetings held in full ecuadorian sign language and being with the deaf there. You can look up on the website all the locations of our meetings and I found one near you!


Ambato Señas - Ambato TUN

Daquilema s/n entre Chalco Mayta
y Roca Inca.
Ambato, TUN

Their meetings are held Friday at 7:00 pm and Sunday at 9:30 am

Hope this was helpful and you are able to learn the language! :)

by: Anonymous

There are some DVD materials available from FENASEC that could help you. Check with the main office or with Conadis in Quito!

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