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My Life in Ecuador Newsletter, Issue #026 -- Politics in Ecuador
June 18, 2014

My Life in Ecuador brings you the latest news and adventures of my family living in Ecuador.

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Issue #026, Politics in Ecuador

Well, Ecuador VIP has kind of taken over my life. But that's ok. I really want the program to continue to grow. Our number one goal with the Ecuador VIP Pass is to get more people loving Ecuador like I do...and seeing as much as they can at a discount!

We will continue to work at making it the best it can be!

But right now...back to LIFE in Ecuador...

Politics in Ecuador

So we had an election last February for mayor and other local government positions. The whole process is pretty interesting and entertaining.

I've been getting a page together about how things work in Ecuador. How they campaign. How the election process works. And what happens when the people aren't happy with their political leaders.

Just another part of life in Ecuador that is colorful and interesting.


VIP Partners

We have added a lot of new partners to Ecuador VIP. The VIP Pass is now accepted at business in Quito, Salinas, Ballenita, Montanita, Baeza, Chaco and of course the previous partners in Banos, Tena and Misahualli. Every region accounted for and lots to choose from.

But we aren't done yet. We are working to make each area complete. Watch for updates.

See all our partners here...

Featured VIP Business

It's almost whale watching season! Check them out up close with Avista Travel in Salinas. And don't forget your VIP Pass.

Read more here...

I've recently redesigned the look of Life-in-Ecuador (check it out) and I'm also working on a new site just for Ecuador VIP. Updates coming soon.

Until next time...
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