My Life in Ecuador, Issue #006

December 26, 2011
My Life in Ecuador brings you the latest news and adventures of my family living in Ecuador.

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Issue #006, December 26, 2011

One last newsletter for the year.

I had a great time with my dad and grandma earlier this month. We had fun traveling the country. We saw so many new things that I have a feeling I'll be writing for several months to come just about this trip.

I had never been to Cuenca, so that was a highlight of the trip. It's just as beautiful as everyone says. One of the most interesting things we saw were the different ruins in and around Cuenca.


Just north of Cuenca is Ingapirca. These Inca/Cañari ruins are the largest and best preserved in Ecuador. Although not as grand as Machu Picchu they are a great example of the building skills of these ancient people. Their exact astrological calculations are also quite impressive.

Museums of Cuenca

Cuenca is full of many different museums. We spent a whole morning at the Museo del Banco Central and had a great time. Not only was is a regular museum with displays and information but it is also built next to more Inca/Cañari ruins, botanical gardens and an aviary.

Driving in Ecuador

My dad rented a car for our trip in Ecuador and wrote about it for my site. Back when my whole family lived in Ecuador, he had his own car and drove a lot. But he was quite impressed by the changes to the road system in Ecuador.

He also writes here about some of the things to expect when driving in Ecuador. A "must read" for anyone planning to rent a car.

Misahualli Update

Last month I wrote about Misahualli Ecuador. Sadly, when I went to finish the page I realized that all my photos of our trip had been erased. Sorry.

Thankfully, we went to Misahualli for the day with my dad and grandma, so we took some more photos. Plus we took a little tour as well.

The page has been updated with this information.

Hope you enjoy Part One of my trip experience. I will be continuing to write more in the next few weeks.

Until next time...


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