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My Life in Ecuador, Issue #036 -- What not to leave behind
September 11, 2016

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Issue #036, What not to leave behind

I've been back in Ecuador just over a week now. Every time I visit my family I end up with suitcase full of stuff I can't find or can get cheaper in North America. This time I brought something that I should have brought years ago...

A slow cooker! There are some many times when this comes in handy: it's too hot to cook, the meat is tough, or I just don't have time.

Another reader also suggested bed sheets, which is something I always bring from home but hadn't made it onto my list. I will have to add it!

To see the entire list click here.

If you want to ship your car...

I've written about the tax free option for shipping your personal belongings to Ecuador. However, unless you are an Ecuadorian citizen this option does not apply to shipping a vehicle. If you want to ship a car you can do it - just not tax free.

To find out how see this guest blog post.

El Arca - Archidona Zoo

Just the other day we went to El Arca. It's just 20 minutes from Tena, a little north of Archidona. Although I'm not much for zoos, I found this one to be quite nice. I especially enjoyed the nice walk through the jungle.

Read about the zoo and the variety of birds and animals found here.

Time flies when you're having fun! We've had a super busy year and I apologize to those who have been waiting to hear from us. I am trying to make more time to write.

Until next time...

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