My Life in Ecuador, Issue #002

July 3, 2011
My Life in Ecuador brings you the latest news and adventures of my family living in Ecuador.

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Issue #002, July 3, 2011

The move back to Ecuador has gone quite smoothly. We arrived at the same time some of our friends were visiting. It was great to have them here, experiencing our life in Ecuador.

Just getting into the routine of life took awhile. And coming straight from the depths of winter to the eternal tropical summer of Tena was a major adjustment. The sun comes up so early! And it's hot! But we've browned up over the last few months and adjusted to the climate.

I never would have imagined this newsletter would be so long in coming. But that's life in Ecuador! We got back ready for our next adventure and as always there were plenty to be had. I had all that inspiration to write and then came a major roadblock. My computer died after only two weeks in Ecuador! For once paying extra for an extended warranty paid off.

After sending the computer back to States with our friends and getting it fixed, I'm back online. My mom and brother came down to deliver the computer. So I'm all set. Now I've got quite a list of things to write about.

Here's what I've got up so far...

My Most Recent Trip to Baños Ecuador While my mom and brother were here we had to take a trip to Baños. Baños is so laid back and peaceful; we didn't want to leave. We had our own little adventure on! Click here to read about our Baños Trip.

Also read my reviews of the hotels we stayed in while in Baños. And add your own reviews of any hotels you've stayed at while in Baños... click here.

For Sale in Tena Ecuador Real estate in Tena is hot right now. And I have two great possibilities for anyone looking to buy.

1) A beautifully built home right out of town on a hill overlooking Tena. Click here for more info,


2) Build your own house ten minutes from Tena. Land is available in a small, growing community right outside Archidona Ecuador. You choose a plan to suit your family and all the finishing touches. Experienced builders build your house for you and when you move down you'll be ready to move right in. For more info click here.

My House Building Experience When we made the decision to move back to Ecuador, we started to look into building costs. We were amazed at how low material and labor costs were. And one of the most stressful parts of living in Ecuador for me has been finding a decent place to live. And moving down with a child made this all the more stressful.

So after calculating the monetary and time costs, we decided it would be worth building our own house. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. Read about the mistakes we made and see photos of the construction process here.

Your Ecuador Experiences Thanks to those who have submitted their Ecuador experiences to my site. They are really a great addition to A great example is a page submitted by Matthew from New York City... A world of It's Own... check it out!

And for those of you who haven't submitted your experience...what are you waiting for!?! Click here to share your Ecuador story.

I will continue to work on getting up my backed-up line of pages written. And hopefully months will not pass before the next issue of this newsletter comes out.

Until next time... Jess

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