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My Life in Ecuador Newsletter, Issue #017 --- Election Day
March 11, 2013

My Life in Ecuador, Issue #017

March 11th, 2013

My Life in Ecuador brings you the latest news and adventures of my family living in Ecuador.

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Issue #017, March 11, 2013

Election Day

February 17th was election day here in Ecuador. In the days before, there was some very heavy campaigning going on. Walking down the street, we were stopped by different parties handing out flyers, small gifts, and one day fresh roses to try to sway voters.

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa was up for reelection. His campaign slogan was "We already have a President, Rafael." It was also time to elect the representatives for each province.

All citizens and residents of Ecuador are required to vote. Every person who shows up to vote is given a small paper receipt that is required for almost every business transaction. Without it, it's hard to get anything done. And to obtain it afterward a fine must be paid of over $100 USD.

So since I now have my residency, I had to show up to the circus for the first time. I have never participated in any political proceeding, so I knew from the start I was going to annul my vote. But the whole process was pretty interesting.

Days before I had found out where I had to go - a school found inside the Catholic Mission. Not only the place but the table I was supposed to go to.

We went just before noon thinking most people would have gone early and headed home to prepare lunch. But there were tons of people! And to make things more confusing the table they had told me to go to didn't exist. Eventually I realized that each classroom was organized alphabetically. So I found where I should be and hoped for the best. I had to wait in line, but thankfully I was in the right place.

My turn came and I handed over my ID. They gave me three sheets of candidates! One for president and vice president. The other two for the different provincial candidates. I couldn't believe how many people were on there! To annul I had to mark every single person. Then the ballots where placed in two separate boxes. Just a signature more and I got my little receipt and done!

In the end Correa was reelected, which was really no surprise to anyone.
Photo Contest Winner

Congrats to Luna who won our first contest of 2013! Check out her photo below.

Our next contest is already underway. Make sure to cast your vote! Winner announced April 1st.

New Quito Airport

The new Quito airport is finally open! I've updated my airport page with information on the new airport.

This is a very big change for us here in Ecuador. I'm still not sure whether to be excited or terrified about it.

My friends had to fly out of the new airport just a few days after it opened. From what I hear it sounds very nice. The one main drawback is that it is 45 minutes to an hour outside of Quito and there are very few hotels in the area so far. I'm sure that will change with time.

A quick note: Last month I made a small error when sending out my newsletter. I'm afraid many may have not received their copy, because it was probably delivered to that hated inbox we all have (don't want to say the "S" word). Please accept my apologies.

You can see last months issue by clicking on the back issues link below.

There always seems to be so much going on here. February was full with Carnaval, the Napo Province Fiestas and the election. This month has the Catholic Holy Week. Makes the time fly by so fast...

Until next time...Jess

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