My Life in Ecuador, Issue #011

June 4th, 2012
My Life in Ecuador brings you the latest news and adventures of my family living in Ecuador.

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Issue #011, June 4, 2012

Thanks to everyone who wrote me concerned about little Lexi.

My friends took her in at the beginning of April. She had been taken by the police from an abusive family. The orphanage here in Tena will keep children in this kind of situation while parents undergo treatment to deal with problems they are facing. This was the arrangement made with Lexi's family.

She was to be in my friends' care for four months while her mother was in rehab. However, a judge ordered that she be given to her aunt after just one month. We are worried because the aunt lives on the same property as the mother, who has never completed her treatment program.

Since the family lives outside of Tena's jurisdiction there was no way to contest this ruling. The family has agreed that the orphanage can send their social workers to make surprise visits, which gives us only a very little bit of consolation.

A child who has been abused should have the right to a safe home far from those who want to hurt her. When Lexi found out that she was going to her aunt's, she began to cry and scream (this little girl had only cried very quietly, almost silently, the whole time we've known her) which made leaving her even harder for her foster family.

We are all upset by the injustice we see here, but there is so little we can do other than hope and pray that she is alright. We will remember her always.

Photo Contest Winner

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Age is a State of Mind!

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A problem with the back-issue page for my newsletter on has been brought to my attention. I've contacted my support people for the website and it should be fixed shortly. Sorry about any inconvenience.

I'm counting down to a trip to the States in July. After a year and a half, it will be great to see my friends and family. But I have tons to get done before then. So I'm off to get myself organized.

Until next time...

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