My Life in Ecuador, Issue #010

May 2nd, 2012
My Life in Ecuador brings you the latest news and adventures of my family living in Ecuador.

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Issue #010, May 2, 2012

April started off crazy and ended in tragedy.

We had planned a trip to Papallacta the fist weekend of the month. When we got back we had a visit from some friends, whose family of three had become a family of four overnight.

Our friend Joe volunteers at the orphanage in town, but a crisis presented itself. A little girl was brought in and they had nowhere to keep her. (The orphanage is waiting on a larger facility to be built and the family running it right now already had eight kids they were taking care of in their own home.) So little Lexi needed a place to stay.

Lexi has become the star in all of our lives. She's sweet and usually quiet, unless she thinks no one can hear, then she will start singing to herself. We've all fallen in love with her.

Read more of Lexi's story as told by her foster mom.

As if that wasn't enough...

Last week we had some sad news. Early Tuesday, April 24 a bus that left Tena at 1 am crashed just outside of Papallacta. Sixteen died, many of them from Tena. Included in the dead were two friends - Manuel Erazo and his daughter Alicia.

Alicia's husband, Jorge was also in the bus. He survived, but suffered a broken hip and shattered femur. He is in a clinic in Quito awaiting the operation he needs and mourning the loss of his wife.

The uproar in Tena over this accident has been loud and sustained. The news has covered the story day after day. And everyone is looking for a solution to this problem.

Sadly until bus drivers begin to view their passengers as human being with families and friends that love them, instead of just dollar bills in their pocket, there will continue to be this kind of tragedy in Ecuador.


Papallacta, Ecuador

Our day trip to Papallacta was just what we wanted it to be...relaxing! It was so nice. And even though the weather was chilly and rainy, everything was perfect.

The thermal pools were beautiful. And with so many to choose from, we spent the day pool hopping.

The only bad part was pulling ourselves out of the water and down to the bus stop. After a nice calm day the last thing we wanted to do was to get on a crazy bus.

Lesson learned! Next time we will make Papallacta more than just a day trip. And there will be a next time.

Read more about Papallacta and see my photos.

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Hopefully this month will be a little less eventful. Really we came here for a little LESS stress in our lives, but I guess you can't escape it completely anywhere in this crazy world.

Until next time... Jess

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